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Where the Head Goes...

Where the Head Goes the Body Follows

When you hear the word ‘family’ you likely think of a husband, wife, children, mother, dad, grandparents…in short blood relatives. A body of individuals who should make decisions that serve each other. It’s impossible for us to measure the value of healthy family relationships. And as many know, it takes only one individual to divide the family. Someone to make a decision that is self-serving. The choice comes from putting an immoral decision at the Head of one’s list of priorities. Priorities out of place inherently divide the individual’s loyalties.

Where the Head goes the Body Follows.

And as important as family relationships are, they’re of the temporary perspective. And not that they won't endure in some special ways given eternity however, due to the fact all flesh ends back to dust one’s eternal family is necessarily those which have the same beliefs. The blood, flesh relationship ends in the grave. We don’t take our DNA with us.

Given the eternal perspective what determines family is the same beliefs, regardless of what they are.

We live in a severely divided world; mankind’s thoughts and beliefs taking his wants in more directions than the limbs on the hickory tree outside my window point. Regardless of the fact we’ve many beliefs the road of life forks at death taking each of us in into either one of two possible eternities. One eternity forever diminishing us or the other forever taking us to greater heights of our unique individualities.

Doesn’t seem possible does it, that we’re eternal beings? If you refuse to consider the possibility of being eternal or write this off as impossible you’ve taken a prejudiced view of existence. Sources of that prejudice can vary widely. In a culture littered with the influence of science, to put it mildly the less than objective conclusions to the questions of where we came from, where we are and where we’re going based on evolutionary theory divide us into believers, agnostics and atheists. In a culture littered with different approaches to God, religions that are supposed to lead us into unity inherently divide us. In a world of different colors of skin racism divides us when it’s what comes out of a man’s heart that makes him. In a world of people created by a God that is no respecter of persons power, wealth and poverty divide us. In a world that lusts for power and wealth at any cost, self-serving politicians that are supposed to be leading us into the strength that can come only from unifying diversity, can’t agree, dividing us, even to the point of wars.

We’ve divided families because the loyalties of heads of families are divided. Interpretation of knowledge based on what we want to believe divides us. We’ve multiple religions dividing us because the leaders of these religions are divided on what is truth. We’re divided because of skin color rather than conditions of hearts. Politicians who are supposed to be unifying the people they’re serving are dividing us with conflicting ideologies.

Where the Heads Go the Bodies Follow.

Jesus pointed out the logical outcome of anything that’s divided. It falls. How can it stand? It cannot. With all that’s dividing the human race how much longer before we destroy ourselves because we can’t unite? There is a limit.

The place to begin unity is with a foundation. Where freewill is involved a common moral foundation is necessary. Jesus (It helps tremendously to see the practical wisdom of Jesus if one can think of Him outside the influence of religions.) put it simply as ‘do unto others as you would have them do to you.’ Another way He said it was, ‘do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with Him. And He said, ‘Love God with all your heart, soul and mind’ which is the way God loves each of us.

You’re probably thinking, well that’s all good and fine but I still don’t agree with so & so who I know, like me has that foundation. Alright then what is the solution? To find the path from disagreement to unity by those with God’s moral foundation consider the possibilities for the disagreement. One: both are wrong, you’re wrong & they’re right, you’re right & they’re wrong, you’re both right but haven’t established context for the two seemingly opposing views. Finding which possibility is creating the lack of unity requires humbleness in both.

Unity requires the commonality only God’s moral foundation provides. This is why only God’s kingdom is eternal.

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