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POT Blog: Practicality of Truth

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

A simple activity for demonstrating the perfect definitions of ‘truths’ and ‘lies’ is to pull up a chair and invite a person to sit in it. Then act as if you’re pulling up a chair and invite someone else to sit in it.

The ‘real’ chair will support simply because you cannot separate truth from reality. And by telling the truth you give credence to your honesty. The chair that doesn’t exist is like any lie. It cannot support because it isn’t there, it isn’t part of reality. Isn’t it interesting how often so many try to get through on what’s not real?

The simplicity of the difference between a lie and a truth shouts of the Practicality of Truth. Simply put, those who walk in truth walk the road of reality.

We’ve all told them, lies at one time or another in order to perpetrate a deception. What eventually happens to an individual, family, community, state, country…to the human race if it falls prey to an abundance of lies, to deceptions piled on deceptions? The answer is simple. Every lie, if allowed to persist, if not assassinated immediately upon its utterance yields chaos, both inside the perpetrator and around him. Every truth when not compromised yields order both in the teller and around him. Is our world becoming more chaotic, are deceptions being piled one on another?

What about beliefs? We humans have an innate tendency to want to turn beliefs into truth rather than establish belief in truth. One wrong belief can lead to a lifetime of deceptions. Amazingly, wrong beliefs are supported by temporary success, monetary gain, praise and honors bestowed by others deceived by those same beliefs. None of us have escaped the unpleasantness of having believed in something that turned out not to be true. How much more rancid when at the end of a life, one discovers they’ve clung to just enough reality to support being deceived?

Truths can be lost or just as deadly distorted due to the fact we choose things we want to believe and discard that we don’t.

So how do we deal with all that’s coming at us on a daily basis? Objectively. It’s a mystery to me how objectivity can enhance subjectivity but that’s a topic for another time. To be objective we need to establish three places within us. A place where we put what we KNOW to be true. A place where we put what we KNOW are lies. And a place where we put WHAT WE’RE NOT SURE YET.

And when this is accomplished innocence travels the Road through Time…and on my!, how deceptions become easy to discern and the Mysteries of Life begin revealing themselves!

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