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The Power of Truth

The Power of Truth

The only place to begin anything is in the present. What is begun should have a solid foundation in the past and a vision for what one wants it to be in the future. The goal here is to bring you in a logical way to realize that by embracing truth(s) you will radiate positive influence in no less directions than our star, the sun gives its light to the universe.

Consider each star a truth, its light reaching out to other stars and shedding light where there once was darkness. Let each beam of light from one star striking another star represent a bridge of understanding between two truths. And just as every star gives its light in every direction there are that many perspectives when discussing the Power of Truth. Yours is one of those perspectives if not contaminated by deception.

There is nothing more technologically advanced on Earth than us humans. It’s old wisdom that we’re all connected. Imagine you’re standing next to a small stream that eventually flows into a creek, that flows into a river that flows into an ocean. If you throw a small stone into that small stream you rearrange that huge ocean. You’re not without influence in this ocean of humanity. And because you’re human you’ve an eternally, infinite potential (EIP) that can be obtained only by embracing truth(s).

We deal with three basic things each day. They are truth, lies (deceptions) and mysteries. Truth is inherently reality. Lies by definition have absolutely no basis in reality. To solve mysteries, we must have the Power inherent in Truth(s) to keep us going in the right direction. Ever been sold a pig in a poke? Anybody ever talked you into being somebody you weren’t comfortable with? It’s only logical we cannot pursue the mystery of ourselves to the place where we like who we are, except it be done honestly.

To be honest with ourselves requires we create within us three places in which to place ideas, concepts, philosophies…etc. One place is where we put only what we know without any doubt what is true. A second place is where we put what we know without any doubt what is a lie. The third place is where we put what we’re not quite sure goes where. Objectivity is essential in establishing the correct boundaries separating these three places. We must be careful that just because we like an idea, we don’t label it truth and just because we don’t like a truth, we refuse to embrace it. This level of objectivity is essential in establishing each of our own unique subjectivities and the path of each of our own unique EIPs (Eternally Infinite Potentials).

A key concept in knowing how we allow ourselves to be influenced by the three basic things we encounter each day, truths, lies and mysteries resides in our level of awareness. Rupert Shaledrake in his book Science Set Free called scientists the new state priesthood. Ralph E. Lapp published The New Priesthood: The Scientific Elite and the Uses of Power. Harper and Row, New York, 1965. Henry Gee wrote the article Science: the religion that must not be questioned.

The overall influence of science on humanity is immeasurable. It’s influence on each of us is also immeasurable but need not muddle our objectivity in separating truths from lies and what we’re not sure of yet. When you place someone in a position allowing them to determine your truths for you is to put it mildly, severely jeopardizing both your physical, mental well-being and ultimately your EIP. Almost every month in my limiting reading I run across an article about what science and the medical profession had said was correct some years ago, now has by scientific studies and medical research been found to be incorrect. My favorite statement by an evolutionary theorist is, “This is definitely, probably the way it happened.” What the statement reveals is his attempt to fit a possibility for explaining a step in science’s explanation for our current state of existence while still maintaining his scientific training to be totally objective. It’s amazing how valuable are contradictions we find in our thinking for eliminating internal conflicts. And yet we’ve the innate capacity to ignore those contradictions thus maintaining and fermenting internal chaos in our reasoning. Ignoring contradictions seems more widespread than facing up to them rather than using them to establish firmly those places within us where we put only truths, lies and mysteries.

Obviously, we’re influenced. Controlling that influence is vital. There is what I like to call the Sponge Effect. It’s what we absorb from our culture that shapes the way we reason without us fully being aware of it. One of the most influential ways science as caused us to think is logically. Logic has its place and has the power to lead us to truths as long as the basic premise is correct and we’re not led away from the proper conclusion by making a misstep along the way. Objectivity can and is often undermined by what we want or don’t want to believe. If we’re to be honest with ourselves, not be taken in by someone, an idea, a philosophy, a concept…etc. if we’re not to be sold a pig in a poke we must discover and examine the premise and the steps they’re taking to bring us to their way of thinking, to their set of beliefs and realize whether the conclusion they want us to accept is a truth. Wanting something determines what we think about and how to get it. We give our wants power over us. You have to want truth(s) to have the capacity for truth(s). Why want truth(s)? Lies take us to dead ends, to the bottom of deep wells where the only light to be found is to look up. What we see when we look up if we’re honest with ourselves are mysteries that can be pursued only when we’re honest with ourselves. Thus, a Power of Truth: It lifts us up and sets us on our own unique EIP.

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