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POT Blog: Power of Telepathy

Telepathy: the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.

Imagine you want to destroy a species, a formidable species than can think, reason…create weapons of mass destruction. A species that thinks itself capable of answering all questions associated with the universe in which it finds itself. You consider ways to take them down but you’re limited because they’ve freewill and will when attacked unite and united they are formidable! Bottom line…create chaos that creates more chaos.

You discover they’ve telepathic ability. The solution is simple but will require patience. Plant thoughts in their minds that telepathy isn’t real. And for those who know it is convince them it isn’t relative to everyday life. Then pour thoughts into their minds that when pursued will lead them to self-destruct.

You need a central distraction, a single goal that will serve to bring out the worst in them. So, you introduce the concept of money. It will take time. You entice thinking that makes money the number one priority. Money becomes a necessity not just for survival, but for possessing power. You plant the philosophy one cannot have too much money. Controlling the flow of money is key to possessing the power. The rich and powerful fail to recognize the contradiction, the flaw that will bring the system down, that greed opposes the flow of money. Greed fosters poverty, crime, hatred…, greed becomes the root of all the evils you’ve desired to create the chaos that will destroy them. It becomes a world where anything for the right amount of money can be bought, is bought to maintain the status quo. You won’t get them all but you don’t need them all to be greedy, to be rich. In fact, the fewer the better. The rich and powerful are easily swayed to believing they’re the elite. Schemes abound for getting rich, getting richer, getting rid of those who oppose the system and those whose existence is draining the economy of money that could be used more productively.

When they discover they’re telepathic you make it an oddity, something arising out of their early stages of evolutionary development, not of significance in the efforts of surviving. The elite have another tool to manipulate.

In reality we’ve scientific evidence proving we’ve telepathic ability, not just between ourselves but between us and many of the animals on Earth. Some of you already know this. Telepathy raises some disturbing questions. Where do thoughts not our own come from? Which thoughts are ours? How vulnerable do drugs, excessive alcohol consumption and other attacks on our consciousness make us to other’s thoughts?

In Introrse: Where the Spirits Speak and Introrse: The King’s Whisper the Presidium working from the ‘spiritual dimension’ takes down a race of men using telepathy to gain physical access to Hytrae (Earth spelled backwards with a ‘y’ added.) How accurate a metaphor is these two Sci fi novels as to what’s going on Earth? Is the ultimate battlefield our minds? Many know that it is.

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