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Free Children's Books!

Available for download.  Sponsored by supporters of the GOWIYM (Getting Old Wisdom Into Young MInds) INITIATIVE! For a free hard copy send your address to

Marvin the Giant Duck

Marvin and his little brother at right, Marvin wouldn't fit, nest is in the trunk of a tree and Marvin has grown too BIG to get out.  He needs help from Friends.  And is it true what Ms. Otter says, "That even though he's a duck he's so BIG he'll sink to the bottom of the pond."

Mother Lion.jpg

Whizzie Lizzie's Great In Between Tale

The author, Oscar Blu having experienced his mother's willingness to put her life on the line to save him from the darkness of atheism, wanted to write a children's book honoring a heart he often described as being that of a lioness.

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